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“KAE Guide Service, aka Brian, does an incredible job for customers. I’ve fished with him twice in 2021, June and November. On both trips we caught very good quantities and varieties of fish. I’ve learned so much about types of terrain, structure, depths, and lures to use for different species and conditions. I believe Brian can make anyone a better fisherman. You’ll appreciate how special it is to be outdoors.”

-Mike O. / Leavenworth, KS

“Wow, what a guide! And just a good dude that is passionate about his clients catching quality fish, and about teaching them how to find fish and catch them. I am still amazed at the crazy good fishing day we had.”

-Mark M. / Oklahoma

“Best $200.00 I ever spent on my boat. I booked a 2 hour Garmin Electronics Tutorial Session with Kansas Angling Experience (Brian). I was struggling with using my Garmin ECHOMAP PLUS 93SV. Brian cleared up my on screen images Uploaded the latest updates and went screen by screen and explained how to use them and how to set up my Garmin. He took the time to show me how not just do it for me. I now can recognize fish, rocks, brush piles and structure. My Garmin ECHOMAP is now set up so I can go out and actually use it to catch fish. I drove 3 hours for a 2 hour session and 3 hours home. Well worth it! If anyone is having trouble with using your electronics I HIGHLY recommend Brian at Kansas Fishing Experience. Brian is friendly and makes you feel like you are old friends after just a few short minutes.”

-Stephen S. / Kingman, KS

“Booked a guide for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift. I booked the first date available, even though it was a mid-July date and the weather and fish could be completely unpredictable. While it took a bit for the fish to start biting, Brian went above and beyond and made sure that we still had a full day of relaxing fun filled with a variety of catches. He showed us several techniques and we didn’t just have a blast, we learned so much. In the end, Brian cleaned and prepped all of our fish for us to take home. We got to have all the fun without any of the dirty work. It was an amazing relaxing day that will be remembered forever. I can’t wait to book another trip with him!”

-Angie / Kansas City, MO

“With Brian, it is so much more. It’s hard to describe, but his enthusiasm, his approach to conservation, and his demeanor, it’s just awesome.”

-Jeremy / Blue Springs, MO

“My son and I went out with KAE Guide Service a couple times in 2020. Both great trips, Brian is a knowledgeable guide with no fear of the Kansas wind! His boat and tackle are top notch and I’ve purchased some of the reels we used based on his advice. The livescope was awesome and he knows how to dial in his electronics. Highly recommend checking out his pages and booking a trip, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Brian we will be back in 2021!”

-Eric / Olathe, KS

“Been out with Kansas Angling Experience twice and had a blast each time. My son and I learned so much and took a few home the second time for a fish fry. Brian is such a professional and we can’t wait to get back out on the water with him.”

-Somir / Overland Park, KS

“I went on 2 trips with Brian in the Summer of 2020. Both were awesome. The first was at Clinton Lake with a buddy and my oldest son in early July. We landed a ton of big wipers while learning a bunch! The second trip was to Melvern at the end of August. Caught a sauger, several bass, and of course the drum were feeding. I don’t care if you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, Brian’s trips are sure to be beneficial and enjoyable. Currently planning a trip for the winter crappie bite to fill my freezer.”

-Scott / Overland Park, KS

“We had originally booked a trip on Clinton last minute we asked if we could change to Melvern Brian was great and said no problem. When we got to the ramp all of us were skeptical as the wind was blowing 25-30 mph. Despite the conditions we had a great day catching multispecies and good numbers. Had a great time learned alot and will be booking in the future. Highly recommend.”

-Jason / Gardner, KS

“If you have not checked out Brian’s Facebook page or Youtube channel, you are missing out. He is a very busy full time fishing guide and then STILL finds time to post incredible videos and posts. I just moved here from Georgia and caught fish primarily from what I learned from his Youtube channel. I also get very lucky sometimes. What he is able to do day in and day out for his clients blows my mind. Awesome.”

-English / Kansas City, MO

“Brian was absolutely incredible. He put us on fish from the moment we started to the moment we finished. My fiancé and I caught our personal bests in Walleye, Sauger and Crappie. The fish were huge and there were many of them! Brian was kind and incredibly helpful in every single step throughout the day. He went above and beyond to make sure we had the best trip. Would 100% recommend. We will be back!!”

-Ashley / El Dorado, KS

“I received the opportunity to fish with Kansas Angling Experience Guide Service through a gift certificate given to me by my wife. As a somewhat avid fisherman in the area I was a bit skeptical on what would come of the experience. Begrudgingly, behind the push of my two buddies that were set to go with us, I scheduled the trip after holding the certificate for several months. Weather conditions on the day we set go out were cold and windy. Brian worked tirelessly to put us on fish as we moved from spot to spot on the lake. He displayed “new to us” techniques and provided applicable instruction that were used by us for the rest of the year. Hands down professional service and wildly exceeded my expectation for the trip. Best of all is that we caught fish on a day that I guarantee would have been unsuccessful without his guidance. Can’t wait to book again for new lakes and additional species to expand my knowledge while learning tips to make every fishing trip as success. 100% Recommended.”

-Seth / Gardner, KS

“Went out with Brian this summer and from the first cast, we were on fish. Simply put, we didn’t stop catching for four hours and we had a lot of laughs as well. He worked with our unique needs due to COVID when many wouldn’t have done what we needed. We are definitely going to go out with KAE again – and that means one guy coming from Arizona and another from Minnesota so you know it’s worth it.”

-Eric / Tuscon, AZ

“Booked a trip with Brian for our anniversary. We caught what seemed like every species in the lake! That included my wife catching her personal best catfish twice! I would definitely recommend Brian for a memorable trip!”

-Reuben / Saint John, KS

“Brian has always puts us on fish. My daughter caught her very first smallmouth with my father and me, while being guided by Brian, and that is a memory I will cherish forever. He not only puts you on fish every time but takes the time to explain things as well. Daughter is an experienced cat fisherman but hadn’t had a lot of experience with bass, he helped her land several that day. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. We always have a good time when we’re out with him, and look forward to using him in the future, I wish there were 6 stars!”

-Nick / Marysville, KS

“Great day on the water. Tough conditions and we still caught fish (4 different species.) Brian is very knowledgeable and willing to answer all of your questions. I will be back!”

-Darren Masten / Louisburg, KS

“Brian’s passion for fishing is contagious. I have been on several trips this year and every time we go out, I learn something new. The guide is prompt, knowledgeable and works hard to put you on a good bite. Average days with the Kansas Angling Experience have out performed good days I have had in the past. With this program, you get amazing fishing, outstanding pictures and quality time on the water. I could not recommend this service more – great gift idea.”

-Seth / St. Joseph, MO

“Had a great time getting out with Brian on a multi-species outing. He is extremely knowledgeable about all types of fish/fishing. The experience is fun and educational at the same time. Wether you’re looking to just go out and catch some great fish or if you’re looking to learn more about reading your electronics, Kansas Angling Experience is the place for you. I had a wonderful time and everyone that I’ve run into that has used Brian’s services has shared very similar experiences. Don’t miss out… Book your trip NOW!”

-Stephen / Kansas City, MO

“I have nothing but good things to say about Brian and his trips. He’s very knowledgeable of the lakes he fishes and takes the time to figure out where the fish are and what they want. Although weather, fish and limits are never guaranteed, Brian is usually spot on when it comes to getting on the fish. Highly recommend Brian for any age and/or skill set trying to get in on some awesome fishing.”

-Aaron / Kansas City, KS

“Fished with Brian in November. We had planned to crappie fish but the wind was too much and it wouldn’t have been possible. He said the wiper fishing was still good and felt we could find them… we sure did. The bite was great, just as Brian said it would be. We had a blast catching big wiper after big wiper. Brian puts in the hours to know what’s good and how to catch them. He made it super easy to do business with as well. Even took an hour to hop in my boat and help me get my garmin units dialed in.Highly recommend Kansas angling experience to anyone looking for a guide in NE Kansas. Great guy and knows how to catch them.”

-Ryan / St. Joseph, MO

“My twin boys and I went out with you June 2020. Great trip!! They enjoyed it and then we turned around and were successful in our own boat! Great guide willing to teach and share his knowledge.”

-Tyler / Hutchinson, KS

“We had a great outing with Brian, he’s super knowledgeable and went into a lot of detail when he learned we were trying to get into the sport. Really great energy and a very enjoyable experience. Even showed us how to clean the catch at the end of the trip. We easily hit our Wiper limit, too. If you want to enjoy reeling them in and learn a bit, look no further. We’ll be back!”

-Collins / Overland Park, KS

“We had an amazing experience! Dad says he has never caught more fish in his life. Fast action, big fish, and a great guide. Brian is super personable, knowledgeable, and really easy to talk to. Makes for a great fishing experience. 10/10 for sure!”

-Ray / Lincoln, NE

“My girlfriend and I had a great time fishing with Brian. Not only did we catch fish but he also showed us how to use and locate fish with a fish finder. He took time to show us what to look for while using it and we can’t wait to book another trip with him!”

– Zac / Topeka, KS

“Great time yesterday on Gary’s maiden voyage–and yes Kansas white bass on a fly rod is a gas as Cory showed us. A Tennessean, a Mainer, and an Albertan catching a slew of Wipers for the first time–and three other species as well. I’d recommend this service–and between the three of us we’ve fished three continents and all across North America.”

-Bruce / Maine

“Great time, amazing experience!!! Different fishing methods, resulting in several species caught! Thanks Gary for your professionalism and good lesson! 100% satisfaction. A great gift from my beloved wife!

-Merik / Lawrence, KS

“I took a guide trip with Clayton on the 19th of March and man, what a time we had! Within the first five minutes of pulling off the dock, we landed a fish. We proceeded to catch fish at an unbelievable rate over the duration of the trip. Seriously, when they say multi-species fishing-they literally mean, multi-species fishing! We caught Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, White Bass and Wiper. There were even several times where two of us caught fish at the same time! After sharing pictures, including a PB White Bass; the guys at work are jealous, my friends are regretting not coming with me and my family wants to know when the next fish fry is. As for me…I am planning a 3rd guide trip with KAE. Thanks guys!”

– Adam / Wichita, KS

“Wasn’t a good day to catch fish but Brian kept us on the fish! Very good guide service , Highly recommend to anyone!”

Kevin / Eudora, KS

“Very fun and easy trip to go on. Really got into the fish and overall good experience.”

-Brandon / Lawrence, KS

“Brian is so fun and very knowledgeable! I highly recommend him to anyone!!”

-Rochelle / Iola, KS

“My guide trip was extraordinary from start to finish. Brian is methodical in his approach to fishing while simultaneously finding ways to simply fishing tactics and make it fun for everyone on boat. I have been fishing since I was a child and consider myself an good fisherman. However, I humbly admit during my guide trip I learned countless tips on ways to improve my skillset. From reading electronics, to jig placement to ultimately landing fish Brian was exceptional. To top it off, I caught my PB Crappie in our first hour of fishing! The next day at work, I spent the entirety of my free time showing colleagues pictures from my trip. They think I was holding the fish out to distort their size lol… Little do they know, there is no need when you’re catching SLABS! Can’t wait to get back on the water with KAE!”

-Adam / Wichita, KS

“I have taken 2 guided fishing trips with Brian. Both have been a great experience. I have taken my kids both times also. He caught so many fish and loved his time on the boat. We plan on taking many more trips with Brian. Thank you again.”

-Tim / Overland Park, KS

“Brian’s a true gladiator when it comes to putting you on fish! If you want a 4hr boat ride go with somebody different!”

-Marc / Topeka, KS

“Wasn’t a good day to catch fish but Brian kept us on the fish! Very good guide service , Highly recommend to anyone!”

-Kevin / Eudora, KS

“If you want to catch fish, regardless of species. Brian is your guy. He offers an amazing service at a great price. Hell even clean your fish!!!”

-Luke / Overland Park, KS

“Very fun and easy trip to go on. Really got into the fish and overall good experience.”

-Brandon / Lawrence, KS

“Had a chance in August to get out with Brian for some wiper action. To say the least we had a blast! Sadly like always my girlfriend caught the big fish of the night. We reeled in several hogs and some white bass too! Definitely was a fun trip worth every penny!”

-Dalton / Leavenworth, KS

“The best multi species guide in KS. I’ve been on multiple trips and while on those trips I’ve caught 4 of my personal bests. I caught my personal best Largemouth, Smallmouth, wiper, and walleye. If you are looking for some knowledge about fishing and a good time this is the place to go to. Won’t go to anyone else.”

-James / Independence, MO

“Another great trip. Had very tough conditions and the fish were not cooperating, but Brian kept us on fish until we had a few decide they were hungry. This was our 3rd trip with him and would highly recommend.”

-Bruce / Oskaloosa, KS

“The best freshwater guiding experience I have had! Brian has a great personality, great equipment, and always tries to keep you on the fish! I truly appreciate how much he wants to help you become a better angler, he really makes you feel like you are fishing with a friend. We caught so many big wipers and good white bass that we lost count, not to mention several were doubles and triples! I look forward to booking more trips with Brian in the future! Thanks for a great day.”

-Blake / St. Joseph, MO

“Brian is a top notch guide. He’s like one of your friends when you go out there. Very knowledgeable and willing to teach you on your weaknesses. He hustles to get you on fish, all the time. We caught so many fish it was insane. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I plan on booking another trip with him in the near future to learn different methods and techniques. Thanks again Brian.”

-Drew / St. Joseph, MO

“We went out with Brian for an evening wiper trip and had a great time. The pleasure boats around were insane and the fishing pressure was pretty high but still managed some solid wipers and plenty of white bass. Brian focuses on teaching you exactly what to do and I feel I can go out and easily duplicate what we were doing and have success. We even ran into a former client out there doing exactly that and catching them. He’s a great guy that is just fun to shoot the breeze with and he’ll put you on fish in the toughest conditions. Can’t recommend him enough!”

-Jason / Lawrence, KS

“Brian was a super guide and put us on some monster fish! Would love to go again! Two triples!”

– Elizabeth / Overland Park, KS

“A few friends and I went out with Brian on a full day at Clinton lake. We had a blast, we caught white bass, wipers, Drum, sauger, and even a few catfish. During the “bite” the action was fast and furious, it was a great time. I highly recommend Brian & the Kansas Angling Experience Guide Service.”

-Mike / Kansas City, KS

“Had a great time on Clinton Lake tonight! Brian is a amazing guide. We will definitely be see him again! Thanks Randy and Kelsey for introducing us, and thanks Brian for the great atmosphere and fishing experience!”

-Dakota / Topeka, KS

“Great rates! Super easy to book! Very knowledgeable and patient, 10/10 will go out again!”

-Julia / Kansas City, MO

“Took my wife fishing with Brian for a late birthday present. Needless to say, we had an awesome time! It is always great to have someone with you that is willing to share their knowledge. Thanks Brian!”

-Reuben / Saint John, KS

“My son and I had a great time fishing with Brian. He was professional, informative, well organized, and you can tell he loves to fish! The boat was in the water when we arrived….and 10 min after we boarded we were catching fish. He worked hard all day hunting the fish down. I would not hesitate to book another trip with him. My son left with a huge smile on his face….That’s something you just can’t put a price on! Thanx again Brian for a great trip.”

-Tim / Georgia

“I can’t say enough good things about Brian. He took my 9 y/o son Jack and I out for one of his summer evening specials. Brian is very personable, and informative. I’ve booked a few other guides before, He is far and away the best so far. Brian put us on the fish right away, and we never looked back. 50 + wipers and whites. My son went to bed with the same smile he started with on our trip 6 hours before. Pretty hard to put a price on that! Can’t wait to get out there and use some of the new stuff we learned. If you are thinking about booking a trip, you can’t go wrong here! Thanks again Brian. We’ll be back soon.”

-Josh / DeSoto, KS

“KAE never fails to come through, if your looking for a great multi species guide service in KANSAS that can put you on fish literally every time & is very professional yet makes you feel completely at home while making memories of a lifetime then DO NOT MISS A CHANCE TO BOOK A TRIP TODAY! Thank you for an incredible trip Brian Ondrejka.”

-Sam / Joplin, MO

“I have never met a guide who gets as excited about catching fish as his customers. If you want a fishing guid who is fun and highly experienced you can’t find a better one than Brian. I will definitely book another trip.”

-Brady / Lawrence, KS

“Had a great time with Chad!!! Our man child had the time of his life!!!!”

-Kris / Topeka, KS

“Went out with Clayton on May 5th and killed it. We caught a ton of fish…well over a hundred. This was my best day of fishing ever! Great job KASE!”

-Jared  / Overland Park, KS

“Just got back home from a day out with these guys. Caught my 1st Walleye and 1st Sauger. It was a blast. I am very thankful we even got to go out. The most important thing to me though is some hurdles popped up last minute and it was looking like we were not going to be able to fish today but Brian and his team found a way and not only put us on the water but also put us on some fish. My wife had a great time I had a great time, and now we have some good memories of our 7 year anniversary.  I can’t wait to get my boy out there with them. Thanks a lot for everything guys. Oh and those Fox River trolling rods are exceptional. You could see everything your lure was doing and even though they were extremely sensitive they also had a really nice backbone and made fishing even more enjoyable.”

-Damion / Wichita, KS

“I have been out with Brian twice-last time we limited out on crappie. This morning we killed it. You know your fishing with the right guy when you’re crowded by boats, but you’re the only one catching fish! Thanks again buddy!”

-Josh / Parkville, MO

“I have been out with Brian three time so far and he has put us on fish every time. I have fished with other guides in several states over the years and Brian is far and away the best I have fished with. He is very experienced on the water he fishes and is always eager to share his knowledge. Based on our last three outings, he has set high expectations! I look forward to going out with him again this year.”

-Steve / Olathe, KS

“I’ve been out with Brian several times this year. He’s put us on fish EVERY time, no matter what the weather conditions have been like. If you’re looking for a multi-species guide in KS, Brian’s your man!”

-Randy / Topeka, KS

“Was out earlier this spring with my cousin on a wiper and walleye trip we did so well and had such a good time that I wanted my two young sons to experience it so I got back in touch with Brian and scheduled a day out on the water not only did we catch an amazing amount of fish Brian was able to teach my 5 and 8 year old boys along with myself a few good lessons very knowledgeable and credible. The kids love him and so do I, we will definitely be scheduling a trip as a season opener for 2017.”

-Joseph / Topeka, KS

“There’s only 5 stars so I had to settle with that….I was told about Brian from a guy at work who said he’s suppose to be the ‘Real Deal’. I started doing some research and reading reviews and told myself I may as well try it. Booked a trip for my Dad and I and had an unbelievable time. Our first trip was cut short only an hour or so in because of lighting. Dad and I thought that was it, Mother Nature, that’s our luck, which would be understandable. But Brian was nice enough to let us reschedule and take us out again. We caught around 100 white bass and some nice wipers. Fish after fish after fish….after fish! I picked his brain for everything I could think of and he answered every question I had. He not only wants you to catch fish while you’re there, but become a BETTER fisherman. We will be back again next year without question! Thanks again, Brian!”

-Josh / Olathe, KS

“I chatted with Brian quite awhile, before I booked a trip with him, I found him to be a good human being, very knowledgeable, and a person that truly cares about his clients, let’s face it, they call it fishing, not catching, but this man definitely knows what he is doing, I learned a lot just from watching, and listening to him, and I read many, many magazines and fishing articles, and Brian proved to me, that here in Kansas, you can’t trust everything you read, he opened my eyes to a new world of fishing, by the way my wife caught the biggest walleye I ever seen up close and personal, it was an awesome experience….it was money well spent even if she didn’t catch that fish, but to watch her smile, and to actually see how excited Brian actually got ( he was shaking) it truly showed his passion for what he does….I recommend anybody on the fence about wanting to fish, or educate themselves to give Brian a call, you won’t regret it.”

-Skip / Olathe, KS

“Brian is a knowledgeable guide who is fun to fish with. If you want to have an epic experience just spend a day with him and I guarantee you will love every second of it!”

-Roger / Overland Park, KS

“You just can’t go wrong spending time on the water with Brian. He flat out knows how and where to put you on fish. Not to mention, he’s just a great guy to be around.

-repeat customer who will be back”

-Neal / Olathe, KS

“Brian is the real deal. Knowledgable and educational. Caught some great fish and a real trophy walleye. I will book more trips with him.”

-Tim / DeSoto, KS

“I was as frustrated as a fisherman could be trying to find and catch wipers and walleyes on Clinton lake. Booked a trip with Brian and he taught me so much about the lake and the fish that now I might be a little to over confident. Good thing is Brian is just a phone call away. This young man really knows his stuff and I recommend him to anyone wanting to learn and catch fish.”

-Curtis / Kansas City, KS

“Had a great time today fishing with Brian. As bad as the weather started out this morning we still caught fish. His knowledge is unbelievable. It was my sons first time trolling for stripers today. Caught 7 species of fish and had a very good time. Highly recommend Brian and we will be back again.”

-Milton / Kansas City, KS

“My dad and I went out fishing at Clinton with Brian and had the time of our lives. Brian is an awsome guide. He battled the rain and kept us catchin fish. It was a trip my dad and i will never forget. Cant wait to go on my next trip and book many more. I would recomend this for anyone of all experiences.”

-Jason / Topeka, KS

“Fished with Brian on 4/17. Guy knows his stuff & is an absolute blast to fish with! Will be booking another trip soon!”

-Brad / Olathe, KS

“The perfect day = Having Brian take you on his boat for a day of fishing! He has the knowledge to get you “hooked” up. For us we had five species in less than three hours. It was worth every penny and to even see how excited Brian still gets every time a fish is caught was priceless. If you enjoy fishing as much as us or even think you might wanna try it and have never been, give him a call!”

-Aimee / Baldwin City, KS

“We had a great day! Brian is very informative and answered our 1 million questions, although fighting the rain and wind. We came away with knowledge and fish. We plan to do it again.”

-Debbie / Ottawa, KS

“Spent a great day on Clinton with Brian and my brother. Even with the weird weather( in one picture with a nice Sauger being held up you cant see a thing behind us, looks like the world is whited out in fog) including water as still as glass, we caught several nice fish and had a great day. Brian will help you put fish on the table AND tell you how to do it without him around. I already booked another trip.”

-Pat / Kansas City, KS

“Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! It was great to talk fish with someone as passionate as Brian. Didn’t walk away with many fish, but that’s just how Kansas fishing goes sometimes. Can’t wait to get back out many more times with KSAE!”

-Jon / Lawrence, KS

“Drove up from Hutch for some cold water crappie action and to wet some line on a lake my buddy and I haven’t been to before. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide and host to show us around Clinton lake. Caught some nice keepers and was a great way to spend the day. If there are fish to be caught Brian will put you on ’em.”

-Aaron / Hutchinson, KS

“2/20/16 Clinton – Wow, what a beautiful day of fishing. Brian is a perfect host, knowledgeable guide, customer centric, we had a great trip. Fishing was strong from 7:30 to 10:30 am, then crappie played hard to get. Thanks Brian.”

-Skip Sayler / Lawrence, KS

“We have been out with Brian twice now and have had an excellent time on each trip. Brian put us on fish both time awe went and and we learned a ton of tips and tricks that we have been able to use on our own time. I would highly recommend scheduling a trip!”

-Kyle / Olathe, KS

“I had a lot of fun fishing with Brian on Clinton a few weeks ago, we were into fish the entire time. I’ve been fishing Clinton and surrounding waters since I was a kid, but learned a lot from Brian in a short amount of time. He will put you on fish! He is very passionate about fishing and I’d recommend you give him a call for a great day on the water! I’m looking forward to going after some smallies with him soon.”

-Mike / Lawrence, KS

“Brian really knows his stuff. If you haven’t had time to get on the water with him, make time ASAP. He’s very knowledgeable and put us on fish all day long.”

-Chad / Leavenworth, KS

“It was a great time on Melvern lake with Brian. This guy knows what he is doing. He’s patient and willing to teach. I learned alot about smallmouth and how to catch them. Good trip. Thanks Brian.”

-Robb / Kansas City, KS

“Brian is a blast to fish with! You can tell he enjoys not only watching others catch fish but also teaching them how to catch fish also. He is a very easy going and fun guy to go on a trip with! His knowledge is YUUUUUUGE!”

-Paden / Joplin, MO

“By far the best Guide service that I’ve been on. Brian put me on a lot of fish, and some big ones.”

-Mason / Lawrence, KS

“You will have a great time with this guide! He makes it both educational and entertaining. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!”

Vickie & JD Smart / Iola, KS

“I came from TX for 2 days and told Brian I had to revisit my childhood days in Canada catching walleye. He was able to locate them the very first night! This guy can literally communicate with fish (to their disadvantage). Would recommend him to anyone looking to have an exciting, action-packed experience!”

-Robert / Dallas, TX

“Brian is very knowledgable, passionate about fishing and most of all very conscious and sensitive to his guests and making sure they have the best experience possible. I loved being out on his boat and so will you! He’s a great angler and an even better guy! U won’t be disappointed!”

-Nate / Olathe, KS